Column Mapping Template

Dockit allows you to map metadata properties to the SharePoint column using column mapping templates. Dockit column mapping template is available as one of the items under Manage Templates available under Tools Menu.


To create a new column mapping template, Select New from the Column mapping Template Tools pane. The new template will appear and enter an unique name for the template as shown below:


Column Mapping Template view

Template list pane in Dockit template manager tool transformed into Column Mapping template view upon selecting template (column mapping template) under the group Column Mapping Template in template view pane.

Column Mapping template view consists of following pane to configure column mapping:

    Column mapping pane

Column Mapping Pane

Column Mapping pane displays the column mapping structure for the selected template. It provides the mapping information (metadata value or source assigned) for SharePoint destination column(s) configured in the template. Column Mapping related operations can be performed by using the Column Mapping Actions toolbar.