User / Group Mapping Template 

Dockit uses user / group mapping template to replace the unavailable user / group with valid SharePoint user / group while migration. You can use user / group mapping template to replace unavailable user / group with valid SharePoint user / group for all the person or group fields in target Share Point.


To create a new user / group mapping template, Select New from the Templates Tools pane. The new template will appear and enter an unique template name and continue to map the User / group in template manager as shown below:

User / group Mapping Template consists of following panes to configure user / group mapping:

  1. Source user list / load options pane
  2. Target user list / load options pane
  3. Mapped Users / Groups Pane

Dockit user / group mapping template enables you to load the list of source users / groups from various options either by clicking the appropriate button in the source load options pane or load source users / groups menu as shown below. For more information, click Source users / groups loading options.


Once you select the option and provide the appropriate inputs, the list of target users / groups displayed on the target users / groups list pane as shown below:

Then you have to select the appropriate source user / group from the source users / groups list and select the target user / group to replace from the list of available target users / groups. Then finally click button to map the users / groups.


You can also have the option to enter the user / group names of your own in the respective textboxes and finally click button to map. Once you click button, selected user / group are mapped and the mapped data is displayed in the user / group mapping pane as shown below: