IIS Log Files Directory

SharePoint Farm Reporter requires IIS Log Files Directory to be configured to generate reports such as List Visits, Last Deleted Items (Library only) under List category reports and Page Visits under Web Application category reports.

  1. You can set IIS Log Files Directory by clicking Tools -> SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings menu in the SharePoint Farm Reporter main application window, as shown below:


  2. In the IIS Log Files Directory dialog, all the Front-end web servers in the server farm will be loaded in the dropdown.

  3. Select or enter a Front-end web server name from the dropdown.

  4. If the selected server is SharePoint Farm Reporter running system, enter IIS log directory in local file system (ex: C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles) or if the selected server is remote computer, use UNC format (ex: \\rd22\c$\inetpub\logs\LogFiles).

  5. Click Add button to add the server and log directory to the grid.

  6. Click Remove button to remove the server and its log directory from the grid.

  7. During report generation, IIS log files from the configured directories will be processed to generate report for the entire farm.

Also refer SharePoint Farm Reporter Settings section.